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Shamanic Journey - Accessing The Invisible Worlds

“Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening while learning to trust in the divine guidance that is being offered to you”.

A shamanic journey is one of the oldest spiritual practices known to man to connect to the world of spirit to receive guidance and healing, regardless of their personal spiritual or religious beliefs.


In this journey, you will be guided to the lower world where you can connect with your SPIRIT ANIMAL GUIDE to get clarity on a life question or situation or simply experience a profound sense of connection and love. With the use of relaxation, drums, rattles and visualization we travel deep within ourselves to connect with spirit guides and our highest selves. 



Perhaps you want to connect with your POWER ANIMAL. Power animals are the spirit forms of objects you used as a child. You talked with them, they comforted you. When we retrieve a power animal for you it comes home as a familiar helper from the spirit world.


Discover the ancient wisdom hidden within the power of animal totems to empower your life in new and exciting ways. ANIMAL TOTEMS are believed to be spiritual guides that can provide valuable insights and lessons. They are thought to offer protection, wisdom, and support as we navigate through life's journey. Embracing these spiritual allies can offer comfort and guidance during challenging times.


Open your heart and mind to the messages from the universe and let your intuition be your compass. 

What is the Lower World: The Lower-World appears as pure, unspoilt nature. It is a place of connecting with our Compassionate Helping Spirits- Animals, Plants and Stones.


¿Como le puedo servir?  How may I be of service?


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