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Heart-to-Heart Conversations With a Curandera

An Ancient Curanderismo Practice

Are you coming into a spiritual awakening and would love some guidance? Come for a Platica!

Release the burdens in your heart, gain clarity, guidance and motivation! Schedule your spiritual counseling session today.

Before we had Spiritual Counseling and Coaching, we had PLATICAS. A platica is a conversation between you and the curandera where you share what's “in your heart", talk about your situation and  the reason for your visit.

During our platica, I attune to our Sacred Guides to receive their wisdom and guidance to find the best way to help you. In curanderismo we are taught to align our thoughts and feelings when we do manifestation work; this alignment is powerful, and is known to shift and reconfigure energy patterns within the human energy field which can be a factor in soul wounds, fragmentation, and illness.

The tradition of healing through platicas lives on as spiritual counseling, coaching and shamanic healing. Most of my clients report feeling a shift towards healing during our platica as they open up and release their burdens. 
As they connect with their feelings and emotions they gain clarity, self-discovery and alignment. Platicas are an essential tool in the healing process.

A CURANDERA is a female healer who incorporates the qualities and attributes of a spiritual advisor and her gifts and knowledge of holistic healing.
The word curandero (healer) comes from the word “curar” which means to heal in Spanish. Although each curandera has her own distinctive practice (most often learned from her family and elders) curanderas have an expectation of upholding sacred space and confidentiality.

CURANDERISMO is a Latin American shamanic/holistic approach to healing that integrates the soul and spirit with the body and mind. Curanderismo dates back to Aztec, Mayan and Incan tribes, and their religious beliefs to incorporate a balance of harmony with nature, spirit and self. 

Spiritual  advisors are first and foremost regular people on the same journey as you who have learned a few lessons and gained wisdom from their mistakes along the way.
A spiritual advisor offers guidance and suggestions or acts as a mirror as you discern your path. From the most ancient times, there has been the need for wise women and men to offer guidance, companionship, and friendship. There isn’t one way to live this life; we all grow and mature in our own way. Your life is unique and your journey is yours. 


Willow is not a physician, psychologist, or nurse. These culture-specific spiritual healing services are not meant to replace medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.


¿Como le puedo servir?  How may I be of service?


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