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The Power of Manifestation

-Through Gratitude-

Gratitude is one of the healthiest emotions you can experience. Practicing gratitude is a powerful tool that acts as a healing balm for the mind, body, and heart. Gratitude is like a magical portal when you want to manifest your dreams and goals.


Your Experience

In the spirit of Giving Thanks and recognizing and appreciation the abundance that surrounds us I will be offering special Cacao and Sound Healing Ceremonies with the focus and intention on gratitude during the months of November & December.

Our evening includes an introduction to the history and story of cacao,  ceremonial cacao elixir, meditation and mindfulness and a 45 minute sound bath and closing ceremony to integrate your journey.⁣


This unique experience offers a chance to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of gratitude manifestation frequency.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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