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Hi, I’m Willow!

Born and raised Californian from ancestral, Indigenous roots in Michoacán and Zacatecas México. I was an entrepreneur for over 25 years and recently left a career in the non profit sector to pursue my calling and my passion for Energy Healing. 

My influence in the healing arts began as a child from witnessing my grandmothers, mother and tias utilizing mexican home remedies to heal ailments such as punzadas de oido (earache) and empacho (stomachache),  sobadas (similar therapeutic massage) to ease a sore throat or performing a “barrida” (aural clearing) to remove a “susto” (anxiety/stress) among many others.

Healing Modality

In my healing style I believe that by blending ancient practices like Curanderismo , Shamanism and Reiki we - you and I, can address the whole person: body, emotions, mind, relationships, and spirit. 

Whether you choose an Energy Healing session, a limpia or a shamanic ceremony, each session is unique to you and begins with a brief discussion to ground us and to better understand the areas of focus at that moment.

I consider this path to be one life-long learning journey, and I am committed to continuing my inner work in order to be of service to the best of my ability, to my community, to Persons from all walks of life, sexual orientation/identification, spiritual, and religious paths.

I have found my purpose through my journey which I honor with love and gratitude; I have learned to love and appreciate every moment spent healing my energy, my spirit and my heart.  I look forward to share my gifts with you, 

With Immense Gratitude,


Since beginning her healing journey, Willow has backpacked through Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt and Mexico with the intention of deepening her knowledge and understanding of the many cultures and traditions to better serve the needs of those who seek her gifts. She continues her studies in Energy Medicine.

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