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Unlocking Your Source of Power


Womb Healing is a profoundly transformational and liberating experience that has the potential to heal thousands of years of ancestral wounding. 

The Womb is not just a physical organ, it encompasses the entire energetic space of that area. Womb Healing is gender-inclusive and benefits us all; whether you’ve had a hysterectomy, or possess male reproductive organs, you can still benefit from healing your  “Holy Womb chakra”. 

The womb is a holding place of energy and information which often gets stagnated with energies from past sexual partners, sexual wounding from abuse, traumatic births, grief from miscarriages and abortions as well as suppressed emotions such as rage, resentment, shame, abandonment, worthlessness, guilt and generational trauma often passed down from our mothers and past generations.

Intuitive shamanic healing techniques combined with energy work, breathwork and plants and flowers medicine can help clear trauma and emotional blocks from the womb, as well as past imprints from previous lovers. Womb Healing can also help dissolve energy cords of attachment, as well as support emotional healing from losses such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and abortions.

Indoor Ceremony:

We will begin with guided breathwork to connect with our ancestral roots, call the spirit of the grandmothers and connect with them. Invite all the women of your lineage to bless and purify the internal waters of your sacred womb. We will conclude with a cacao ceremony by the fire where you will have the opportunity to journal your experience. 

Outdoor Ceremony with herbal pool bath:

We will begin with a beautiful water blessing and through guided breathwork, sound and Reiki, we will work at reconnecting, releasing and healing.

A bath of special herbs and flowers will be prepared for each participant. Each participant will be provided with a pool bath in which she will submerge to

release stagnant and blocked energies.

We will conclude with a cacao ceremony by the fire where you will have the opportunity to journal your experience.


Energy clearing will help you ground and open up your energetic field.

A womb healing session may include:

  • Breathwork

  • Guided Journey Meditation

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Flower and Plants Bath 

  • Music & Sound

  • Essential Oils

  • NOTE: This is NOT a massage or physical therapy


When is the best time to receive a Womb Healing session?

Any day is the perfect day to celebrate the Divine Goddess reigning in your Sacred Womb and reconnect with your source of divine power; however you might consider honoring the following special occasions: 

  • A sacred womb blessing is a beautiful way to help clear and prepare the womb of a young female approaching womanhood; to connect and root with her lineage, to awaken her womb, and connect with her Divine Mother’s and her birth mother’s  womb. To learn how to honor her sacred space and begin forming that special relation with her sacred altar

  • Life change or transition: A Sacred Womb blessing can also be given as a rite of passage to honor life changes such as marriage/divorce, birth/death, pregnancy, menarche, menopause, or a personal milestone. 

  • Preparation for pregnancy: What better time to purify your Sacred Womb? Releasing, healing and connecting with your divine temple is a beautiful ceremony of self-love and love for your future child.

  • After a hysterectomy: If your uterus has been removed it is even more important that you receive this healing ceremony.  Energetically you still have your womb and it is vital that you reconnect and reclaim your feminine wisdom and power. In this  case, you have a “hara” or a “Holy Womb chakra” which has the energetic, divine alchemical and creative powers of a Womb

  • After giving  birth/miscarriage/postpartum: A Womb Healing ceremony can offer support to a mother to replenish her sexual energies as well as reconnect with her own body after giving birth. It is also important for a women to honor herself and her divine source after a miscarriage, abortion, or undergoing postpartum. 

  • Menopause: A women's mid-life rife of passage is a powerful way to celebrate and help you connect with the wisdom of the Wise Woman Goddess as you step into your new phase of Divine Power. 

  • A HARA or Holy Womb chakra ceremony is a loving way for the female in a male form to celebrate and connect with her divine feminine energy.

  • Any Time!

Can men and non-binary individuals receive this sacred rite too?

All life comes from the womb of the Earth and all men and women come from a woman’s womb.

Whether you have undergone a hysterectomy or feel you are a woman in a man’s physical body you have a HARA or a Holy Womb chakra which has the energetic, divine alchemical and creative powers of a Womb.

While inside the womb of our mothers, we could feel her discomfort and also her joy. This ceremony can help you clear away wounds passed through the maternal lineage, and heal from generational trauma and psychic pain.

It can also heal the wombs they had in previous lives when they incarnated as women.



HA means space and spaciousness. 

RA means fire, fire which burns, fire which transforms, fire which creates, fire which is a fuel for light. 

Ha Ra means the space of fire, the space which fire inhabits, the space or container which holds fire. In this holding, fire fills space, until fire and space are One.

Hara is the space where the masculine spirit anchors into the physical body to hold itself whole, and to express itself passionately and directly in the world. It is a man’s innate centre of gravity and felt presence, in harmony with the heart.

Hara is a centre for will, for individuation of the soul, and for the power to enforce and bring Self into action, into the world. Hara enforces boundaries personally and spiritually to allow Self to be what it is on earth and in relationships. It allows and anchors the limitless to take hold in human form and embody on earth. It is a man's center of physical health, wholeness and strength. 

Located in the center of the abdomen, referred to as the HARA, reside the organs that give us life. In their center we find the navel, the Chinese acupuncture point CV 8 Shen Que, Spirit Gate, that refers to the place where we received that life from our mother by way of the umbilical cord. As such, these areas are the focal point of energy in our body from which life is given, sustained, and taken away.

Each journey is personal and unique to your womb. 

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