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SUMMER  Pick -Me-Up

Gift yourself a 60 minute - emotional and energetic tune-up with this special offering valid on bookings for the month of June.

  • Emotion Code + Reiki

    1 hr

    115 US dollars

Unload your emotional burdens and restore your mind, body and energetic fields with this 60-minute "mini" healing package


30-minute - Emotion Release Therapy (Emotion Code)

30-minute - Reiki energy healing


The Emotion Code is a groundbreaking method for identifying and releasing trapped emotions developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  

This non-invasive, transformative healing method works by detecting negative emotions stored in the subconscious mind that can go as far back as when you were in your mother’s womb and beyond.  These trapped emotions cause pain, self-sabotage, emotional problems and all kinds of malfunction and disease, such as physical pain, anger, depression, chronic fatigue, PTSD, phobias, or panic attacks.

There are a total of 60 negative emotions and the subconscious can be considered the blueprint to your entire body.  Within the subconscious lies information that knows everything about you and why you experience specific conditions or deal with specific situations the way that you do. 

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique used to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety and has been shown to have several benefits for both physical, mental and energetic health. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that involves the practitioner gently placing their hands on or near the body.

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