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Desert Trees


“On the outside I had it together.   On the inside, I was at a breaking point and I was scared. Thank you for helping me, save myself”.

Meghan R.

Age 36, mom of 2 and 4Yr. old

Are you at a crossroads in your life or going through an existential crisis?  Could you use a little spiritual guidance?

Sometimes we feel as if our spark has gone out. Sometimes we feel as if we're  drowning in our own emotions or we feel numb to them... 

...We want to "fix it", but most of the time we don’t know why we feel this way or how to “fix it”


I CAN HELP YOU! There is a way to "fix it" in a way that connects ancient wisdom and modern science.


I understand you because I’ve been there. I honor who you are today  and I see who you’re meant to be. We can work together. I’m here for you. I'm doing the work so I can help you.


Energy Healer, Curandera, Shamanic Reiki Master Healer, Certified Sound Healer, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Hi, I’m Willow,

Born and raised Californian from ancestral, Indigenous roots in Michoacán and Zacatecas México. I was an entrepreneur for over 25 years and recently left a long career in the non-profit sector to pursue my calling and my passion for Energy Healing. 

My influence in the healing arts began as a child witnessing my grandmothers, mother and tias, utilizing  home remedies to heal ailments such as punzadas de oido (earache) and empacho (stomachache),  sobadas (similar therapeutic massage) to ease a sore throat or performing a “barrida” (sweeping/cleansing) to remove a “susto” (anxiety/stress) among many others.

My life's journey brought me here. After a career in the corporate and non-profit business I decided to take the plunge and answer the call to be of service in a new way. 

My Healing Modality


I believe that by blending ancient practices like Curanderismo, Shamanism, Sound Healing and Reiki we - you and I, can address the whole person: body, emotions, mind, relationships, and spirit.


Whether you choose a Shamanic Reiki session, a Limpia or a shamanic ceremony, each session is unique to you and begins with a brief discussion to better understand the areas of focus at that moment.


I consider this path to be one life-long learning journey and I'm committed to continuing my inner work and studies in order to be of service to the best of my ability to my community, to Persons from all walks of life, sexual orientation/identification, spiritual, and religious paths.

I have found my purpose through my Journey which I honor with love and gratitude; I have learned to love and appreciate every moment spent healing my energy, my spirit and my heart. 

In search for the perfect place to call home, I recently relocated to Coyote Hole Canyon in Joshua Tree,  a sacred land known as a place of multiple energy vortices and ancient petroglyphs where I look forward to share my gifts with you.


With Immense Gratitude,


Since beginning her healing journey, Willow has backpacked through North and South America, Africa and Europe with the intention of deepening her knowledge and understanding of the many cultures and traditions to better serve the needs of those who seek her gifts. 

Angela L.

I participated in a small group cacao and sound healing ceremony that was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Willow’s combination of skill and enchanting talent make her unique way of bringing the cacao ceremonial experience to life through storytelling a truly captivating yet profoundly peaceful adventure. I was so moved by the ceremony that I scheduled a 1:1 reiki and sound session for the next day. Willow’s reiki healing left me feeling seen, nurtured, and rested. Willow has an undeniable connection to spirit that brought me great comfort and assurance that my body (and not only my brain) is capable of receiving the work I am doing mentally and physically on my continued healing journey. I will not hesitate to look her up again the next time I am in Joshua Tree.

Anna Y.

Meeting Willow has changed my life, simply put. I had reached a block in my healing where understanding and discussing my pain wasn’t enough, and spiritual intervention was needed. Willow’s compassionate, deeply loving and nurturing work transformed me. I have never felt as confident, fulfilled, and peaceful as I do now. She is like an all-knowing doctor who uncovers hidden wounds and gently heals them without you even knowing it. Every step of the process that she has created is loving, thoughtful, and infused with intention. Her gentle and welcoming approach has made even the most apprehensive people feel safe. And on a spiritual level, the reiki, cacao, and hapé have all slowly reopened my third eye, and I now live a spiritually tuned existence. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Varik S.

Willow's energy healing really helped me when I needed it. She knew exactly what I needed and made me feel safe and understood. During the session, I felt a lot of stress and bad feelings go away, and I was filled with peace. Willow was really kind and caring. She made the whole experience feel special and just for me. It wasn't just my body that felt better, but my heart and mind too. Thanks to Willow, I left feeling much better and really thankful.


A Simple and Transformative Energy Healing Method

and Heart-Wall Removal Healing

The Emotion Code is a groundbreaking method for identifying and releasing trapped emotions developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. In our fast-paced world, stress, anxiety, and emotional burdens are a part of daily life, impacting our well-being. As a Certified Emotion Code practitioner, I offer this revolutionary and unique approach to wellness to guide you toward holistic health.

Sessions are offered remotely for your comfort and convenience.

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