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Food of the Gods


A restoring experience, a journey of healing and bliss.

The enchantment of Cacao Ceremonies has been a time-honored tradition, woven deep into the tapestry of indigenous Mesoamerican cultures. The Omec, Maya and Aztec, revered Cacao as a mystical elixir, a balm for the soul to restore balance, heal the body and rekindle the flames of the spirit.

They invoked the sacred essence of Cacao before embarking on the journey of healing and conflict resolution, unlocking the gates of the heart and mind. By sipping the cacao brew, they awakened their senses and summoned their inner wisdom, paving the way for clarity and renewal.

Benefits of Cacao

Ah, cacao! This delicious plant is like a superhero for your heart, brain, skin, eyes, liver, and immune system. It's like a river of goodness flowing through your body, promoting healthy blood flow and giving you a boost of well-being. So go ahead, indulge in a little cacao magic!

Cacao isn't just a delicious treat, this magical ingredient is a one-two punch of energy and zen, it's like a happiness pill that soothes your tense muscles and boosts your serotonin levels, it's like a mini workout for your brain, giving your mental faculties a little extra pep in their step.

Although cacao isn't exactly a psychedelic, get ready to feel like your heart is giving you a warm, fuzzy hug, as you become one with your inner self. You might just find yourself feeling extra connected to your spirit, others around you, and even tapping into some blissful vibes. Cacao is known to inspire, ground and awaken your intuition, so prepare to be pleasantly surprised!


What Happens During your Cacao Ceremony

Surrender the medicine of cacao. We begin at the very roots, tracing the origins of cacao, its cultivation, and the process of transforming it into a sweet elixir. But before we dive in, we pay homage to our Mother Earth, cherishing each sip of this divine brew together.

With our taste buds tantalized, we delve into a soothing sound bath, where soothing somatic instruments will guide you through a transformative journey to a realm of serenity and contemplation. This melodic adventure targets every cell, emotion, and energy level, bringing peace and harmony to your mind, and a deep reset to your nervous system.

Don’t miss out on this desert experience, you will be pleasantly rewarded.


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