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The Medicine of Love

Cacao Ceremony


Cacao ceremonies have been a form of shamanic healing in the cultures of Mesoamerica for thousand years. The  Aztec and Toltec believed that cacao was a key ingredient in restoring balance and connection to the divine. It was customary for them to drink cacao before discussing important issues or disharmonies in order to open the heart and help use discerning thinking.


Benefits of Cacao


Cacao is super high in antioxidants, promotes healthy blood flow which is needed for a healthy heart, brain, skin, eyes, liver and the immune system. 


Cacao gives you energy, helps to stay calm and helps keep stress levels down, it has a mood enhancing effect and many more benefits. 

Cacao also helps the nervous system, enhances your mood, helps relax the muscles from stress, increases serotonin levels (peace and good feelings), mental faculties, it’s non addictive, helps enhance pleasure and sexual benefits.


Although cacao is not a psychedelic, you may feel heightened, connected to your deepest sense of self and to your heart; you may feel expansive, connected to spirit, to self, and/or others, blissful, inspired, grounded and connected to your intuition.

What Happens During your Cacao Ceremony


I will talk about the origins and history of cacao, the cultivation, process and the benefits of cacao.

We will begin our cacao circle by honoring our Mother Land and the 7 Directions,  and together, we will begin to drink our cacao elixir.


After your drink, you will relax into a healing sound bath with various somatic instruments to support your journey of transformation.

Sound baths take you on a journey that offers support healing on a cellular, emotional, and energetic level, facilitating a nervous system reset and bringing the mind into peace and harmony.


Some Healing Benefits of Sound Therapy:

• Activates Higher States of Consciousness

• Unlocks Blocked Emotions

• Relieves Anxiety and Stress

• Promotes Deep Meditation

• Improves Ability to Concentrate

• Relieves Insomnia


I look forward to providing you with a beautiful and healing desert experience.

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