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and Heart-Wall Removal

A Simple and Transformative Energy Healing Method


The Emotion Code is an energy-based therapy that is used to quickly and easily identify, and release trapped emotional energy.

The Emotion Code System as developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson is designed to identify trapped emotions and traumatic experiences and release the emotional charge from those memories, even those deeply buried in the subconscious mind (without reliving the pain/trauma). A lot of times the past truly comes back to haunt us and we do not always realize all the ways it can be impacting our emotional well being and quality of life. Releasing these emotions can have a profound permanent shift in the way we feel and relate to the world around us.

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Upset Stomach

Trapped Negative Emotions

When we don't successfully process and release a negative emotion it becomes trapped in the physical body. Over time this can lead to physical pain and other negative symptoms.  By identifying and releasing these trapped emotions we can help correct these imbalances and relieve emotional and physical pain and discomfort. 

Heart Wall

If you have experienced heartbreak of disappointment in the past, then chances are you have a Heart Wall. This is an energetic wall around your heart, made up of trapped negative emotions. This is our subconscious way of numbing the pain of the past and protecting us from getting hurt in the future.  

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What happens during a session?

Once we determine the topic(s) we will explore in your session, I begin by using muscle testing to communicate with your subconscious to hone in on specific trapped emotions that relate to the topic you’ve chosen to work on. Once an emotion is identified, we can ask additional questions to learn more about the specific emotion. We can learn:

  • The approximate time frame in which the emotion was trapped

  • Whether you absorbed it from someone else

  • Whether the emotion was inherited and how far back it goes

  • The location in the body where the emotion was residing

  • More details about the event

Once we know the emotion and have the information needed, it can be released. By swiping over the governing meridian, and moving it out. That emotion is now permanently removed.

We repeat the process. After a session, your body goes through a  period to process, heal and fill the void with positive energy. That usually lasts from 1-3 days.  Some people don’t notice anything different during the processing period, while others feel lighter, happier, and others may experience some of the emotions that we worked to release. Some notice less pain in areas where we focused on removing emotions. Others see a subtle to a significant reduction in the symptoms related to specific areas of dysfunction that we’ve focused on.

After the processing period, your subconscious will be ready to do another session. We have thousands of trapped emotions in our bodies so it may take some time to clear the emotions that relate to certain issues you are working on.

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