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What is a Sound Bath?

Sound healing is a form of alternative medicine that has been around for thousands of years. Music has been used throughout history to create positive effects on our mood and as a form of therapy to heal the body, mind, and spirit; In fact, sound healing traces its roots to ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece, and India. Native American offer  healing chants, along with the flute and drum, emerging from the depths of the Earth carrying the magic of tribal people.

A Sound Bath is a live, immersive and meditative experience for your brain, body, and soul.  As you relax (sitting, standing or laying down) you feel the sound vibrations washing over you, much like waves of or energy moving through you and taking you on an expansive inward journey. 

Much like meditation, sound therapy brings you waves of wellbeing, peace and relaxation.

For example: Crystal singing bowls emit life force energy (photons) that can activate light in the body, enhancing and expanding our consciousness, allowing for personal awakening at the DNA level. Drums on the other hand, boost the immune system, produce feelings of well-being, and help release emotional trauma.

Whether you chose an in-person experience or at your AIRBNB, I incorporate various healing instruments to provide you with a soothing, relaxing experience charged with therapeutic sounds that will leave you with a lasting impression. 

** For private parties/events/retreats  

Please fast for 1 hours before your experience and avoid a heavy meal for 4 hours before .On the day, please avoid alcohol to respect the energetic container we will be co-creating as a group (Energy moves through your body, imagine eating before boarding a rollercoaster

Please bring anything you need to feel comfortable. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat, blanket, and anything else you need for comfort if you prefer it.

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